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Deep Purple - Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" belongs to Deep Purple's first studio album featuring guitarist Steve Morse, which was released in February 1996. The song was released as a CD single with the song "Vavoom: Ted the Mechanic".

This song is considered one of the best tracks recorded by Deep Purple after their reunion in 1984, and it is played frequently in the band's live performances.

Steve Morse remembered the creation process of the song:

"“Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming” started as me noodling, playing quietly to myself. Roger and Jon heard what I was doing and said, “What was that, again? Let’s see if it’ll work with this.” It became a song that day. Any idea could grow from a sprout into a tree".

"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" was one of the first songs that was recorded with Steve Morse on guitar. It includes a boasting melodic style and vocal outbursts by Ian Gillan and closes with a repeated guitar solo by Morse.

"The story behind the lyrics is about two lovers who were in some town spending night in the hotel but then she left and wrote a message and a number possibly somewhere where there are spanish maids? He is traped in that town and their memories. He sleps in the same room and remembers her all the time. He tries to escape but The best laid plans come apart at the seams and shatter all his dreams. He experiences hard despair and curses everything while his soul wants to scream at the town and at the woman. He probabaly believes as hard as he can that she is dead so he can finally escape this cursed place and come back home to her..."


While you were out...

the message says

You left a number

and I tried to call

But they wrote it down

in a perfect Spanish scrawl

in a perfect Spanish scrawl

Yet again

I'm missing you

King size bed

(in a) hotel someplace

I hear your name

I see your face

I see your face

(The) back street dolls

and the side door johnnies

The wide eyed boys with their bags full of


Back in the alley

going bang to the wall

Tied to the tail

of a midnight crawl

Heaven wouldn't be

so high I know

if the times gone by

hadn't been so low

The best laid plans

come apart at the seams

and shatter all my dreams

Sometimes I feel like...


close my eyes

It's times like this

my head goes down

and the only thing I know

is the name of this town

is the name of this town

Yet again

I'm missing you

won't be long

O' coming home

Until that distant time

I'll be moving on

I'll be moving on


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