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Cinderella - Shelter Me (Official Music Video)

"Shelter me"is a song about how everyone has their own vices, no matter how small they are; and that people shouldn't look down on others just because their vices are different.

Like most Cinderella songs, this one was written by their lead singer, Tom Keifer.

"When I wrote it, it was one of my favorites and still is one of my favorites. Sometimes, that's all you have to go by is your own personal taste. I've certainly tried to stay true to the music that I love, and when I'm writing a song, I always say that you're making records, first and foremost, for yourself; for the love of making music that you love, that you play, that you like to sing. From that point, you hope that other people like it."


Everybody needs a little place they can hide

Somewhere to call their own

Don't let nobody inside

Every now and then we all need to let go

For some it's a doctor, for me it's rock and roll

For some it's a bottle

For some it's a pill

Some people read the Bible cause it's givin' them a thrill

I was one to figure if they don't like what they see

If you live in a glass house don't be throwing rocks at me


We all need a little shelter

Just a little helper to get us by

We all need a little shelter

Just a little helper ohhh and it'll be alright

Check out Mr. Politician in his suit and tie

But when the doors are closed there ain't nothing he won't try

Meanwhile Mr. Medicine's treating his best friend's wife

Tipper led the war against the record industry

She said she saw the devil on her MTV

To look into the cabinet it takes more than a key

Just like Jimmy's skeleton's and his ministry


For some it's a needle for some it's pill

Some people read the Bible cause it's giving them a thrill

You can spend your money before you get your pay

With a toss of the dice you can piss it all away


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