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Bon Jovi - Social Disease


You can read it in the papers

In some places it comes in thirty-two flavors

But you wouldn't tell no one

Your favorite if you could

From the White House to the alleys

From the President down to Long Tall Sally

Can't live with it but

You'll die without it - yes you would

Senorita's in the kitchen

She's a fistful of dynamite

You call 911 but you

Can't stop the fun tonite, it's alright

You can't start a fire without a spark

But there's something that I guarantee

You can't hide when infection starts

Because love is a social disease

Where you look you can find it

Try to run but you're always behind it

So you play hide and seek like a blind kid

Till you're caught - yeah you're caught

So you'll say that you had some

But they took it and held it for ransom

Were they tall, dark, skinny or

Handsome - you won't talk

So you telephone your doctor

Just to see what pill to take

You know there's no prescription

Gonna wipe this one away

So full of high grade octane

She could run the bullet train on 38 double d's

Now you know for sure, you know the cure

To make a blind man see


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