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Anthrax – Madhouse

Anthrax – Madhouse - Meaning of the song

As the title suggests, this song takes place in a mental institution. The song is about how they take over your life when you're there, and you're "trapped in a nightmare."

The video is set in an insane asylum, with deranged patients running rampant. It's hardly the first time a video used such a scene, but the Anthrax clip is both outrageous and gritty, showing the crazies in fetid conditions. According to press materials from the band, the video was banned by MTV, who believed the clip to be degrading towards the mentally ill.

Madhouse - Lyrics

White coats to bind me, out of control I live alone inside my mind World of confusion, air filled with noise Who says that my life's such a crime? Trapped in this nightmare I wish I'd wake As my whole life begins to shake four walls surround me an empty gaze I can't find my way out of this maze 'Cause I don't care Fall in, fall out Gone without a doubt, help me I can't take the blame They don't feel the shame It's a madhouse Or so they claim It's a madhouse Oh, am I insane? My fears behind me, what can I do My dreams haunt my sleep at night Oh no, won't learn their lesson, white fills my eyes And only then they see the light

Anthrax – Madhouse - Live


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