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AC/DC - Thunderstruck

"Thunderstruck" is the lead single on the 1990 album The Razors Edge by Australian hard rock band AC/DC.

The song was released as a single in Germany, Australia, and Japan, and peaked at No. 5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. In 2010, "Thunderstruck" topped Triple M's Ultimate 500 Rock Countdown in Melbourne, Australia. The top five were all AC/DC songs.

Angus Young explained:

It all started with a guitar trick I learned. 'Oh, I've got a good rhythm concept that will sit well in the back,' Mal replied after hearing it. From there, we constructed the song. We messed around with it for a few months until it all came together. It was basically just a matter of selecting a nice title lyrically... We came up with the name ThunderStreak after our favorite childhood toy, and it seemed to fit. AC/DC stands for alternating current and direct current. That is the essential concept.


Thunder, ah

I was caught

In the middle of a railroad track (thunder)

I looked round

And I knew there was no turning back (thunder)

My mind raced

And I thought what could I do? (thunder)

And I knew

There was no help, no help from you (thunder)

Sound of the drums

Beating in my heart

The thunder of guns (yeah)

Tore me apart

You've been


Rode down the highway

Broke the limit, we hit the town

Went through the Texas, yeah Texas, and we had some fun

We met some girls

Some dancers who gave a good time

Broke all the rules

Played all the fools

Yeah yeah they, they, they blew our minds

And I was shaking at the knees

Could I come again please

Yeah them ladies were too kind

You've been



Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Thunderstuck

Oooh, Thunderstuck

I was shaking at the knees

Could I come again please



Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Yeah It's alright, we're doin' fine

Yeah It's alright, we're doin' fine, fine, fine

Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah

Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck, whoa, baby, baby

Thunderstruck, you've been Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck

You've been Thunderstruck


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