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AC/DC - Jailbreak

This is about Mark Brandon Reid, also known as "Chopper." He was sent to jail for murdering a gang leader and he got sentenced to 16 years. Three years into his sentence Chopper became disillusioned with jail life and hated working for the "screws." His friend and crime partner Jimmy Loughnan planned an escape, but because of Jimmy's fear of tight spaces, they were caught and given solitary for two weeks. Bon Scott read about this in a newspaper and started writing lyrics for a song. Everyone in AC/DC loved the idea of a criminal-themed song, and they finished it in about a week.

AC/DC made a reasonably high-end performance video for this song, complete with the boys playing on a bunch of rocks as various explosions go on around them.


There was a friend of mine on murder

And the judge's gavel fell

Jury found him guilty

Gave him sixteen years in hell

He said "I ain't spending my life here

I ain't livin' alone

Ain't breakin' no rocks on the chain gang

I'm breakin' out and heading home"

Gonna make a (jailbreak)

And I'm looking towards the sky

I'm gonna make a (jailbreak)

Oh, how I wish that I could fly

All in the name of liberty

All in the name of liberty

Got to be free

(Jailbreak), let me outta here

(Jailbreak), sixteen years

(Jailbreak), had more than I can take


He said he'd seen his lady being fooled with

By another man

She was down and he was up

Had a gun in his hand

Bullets started flying everywhere

People start to scream

Big man lyin' on the ground

With a hole in his body

Where his life had been

But it was all in the name of liberty

All in the name of liberty

I got to be free



I got to break out

Out of here

Heartbeats, they were racing

Freedom, he was chasin'

Spotlights, sirens

Rifles firing

But he made it out

...with a bullet in his back

Jailbreak, jailbreak

Jailbreak, jailbreak

Jailbreak, jailbreak

Jailbreak, jailbreak

Jailbreak, jailbreak


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